The Peter Win Memorial Scholarship

The Peter Win Memorial Educational Scholarship was set up by the board of the New Zealand Credit & Finance Institute after the death of Peter Win, a long-time supporter of the Institute and practitioner who believed firmly in the advancement of training and education to the young people of New Zealand. Applications from all branches of the NZCFI are received on an annual basis and from those nominations, the NZCFI Board select one person to receive a Training and Education Scholarship to further their career in credit.

It should be noted that the nominee must be under the age of 30 at the time of the nomination.

Nominations close on 31st July 2020.

Proudly sponsored by National Credit Insurance Brokers NZ Limited.

2018 winner of the scholarship was Alexandra Harris from United Industries Limited – (Ragavan accepted the award on behalf of Alexandra)

The announcement of the winner was made during the National Conference at the Marlborough Convention Centre, Blenheim on 12 September 2019.

NCI Trade Credit Solutions is proud to continue our sponsorship of the Peter Win Memorial Scholarship in 2019.

Like Peter, NCI sees the advancement of young credit professionals through training and education as vital to our industry.

We have been lucky enough to be supporters of the award since 2011, throughout this time there have been many advancements in trade credit and the way in which businesses go about managing their risks.

At NCI, we have also adapted in the way we operate and the products that we offer. For some time now we have been offering commercial reports, debtor monitoring, electronic credit applications and commercial collections. Products such as these ensure that our clients have the best possible access to the right credit management tools when they need them.

This is becoming more prevalent as insolvencies continue to occur across the country. Specifically, the construction industry has been hit hard over the past year with Arrow International being the last major company to collapse. While there are many businesses that would be out of pocket, there are many that would have been protected through a trade credit insurance policy.

Our recent client survey tells us that many businesses are facing challenges to do with:

  • Managing and assessing new customers and increasing credit limits
  • Keeping customers to payment terms and implementing stricter policies for late payers
  • Obtaining the required credit insurance cover
  • Getting paid on time

While there is an increase in risk, businesses can use the newest resources available to ensure they remain protected. These young credit professionals are the ones who will develop and use this technology to better the industry and overall practices into the future.